R. Duncan Wallace, M.D.

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R. Duncan Wallace

R. Duncan Wallace, M.D. has practiced psychiatry for 54 years,including serving as medical director of eight psychiatric hospitals and 11 inpatient programs.He is a former president of the Utah Psychiatric Association.He is married and has six grown children. He lives in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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As a doctor of the human psyche for 54 years, R. Duncan Wallace, M.D. has discovered valuable psychological truths that create most of our mental and emotional functioning in all areas of living. Rarely are they used knowingly because they are largely unconscious and unknown – until now. In The Great Little Book of Stress Release, Dr. Wallace discusses their application to the area of stress. You will learn:

  • How to instantly remove most stress
  • What causes 95% of stress
  • Why most stress is unnecessary
  • How to eventually eliminate most stress

In a related work, The Book of Psychological Truths, Dr. Wallace demonstrates great new common sense by showing how you can quickly improve your daily living. When you use the power and value of these truths by choice, and with awareness, you can substantially increase your personal evolution and society’s evolution in wise ways.

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